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Managing your employees’ mental wellbeing is fast becoming a top priority for many organisations. A happy, focused workforce leads to a more productive business. However, the workplace is one of the most common causes of stress and anxiety. As workplace stress is also one of the biggest causes of sickness absences, this comes at a high cost due to the number of lost working days. We can help your people stay happy and healthy, by sharing lifelong skills that they can apply at work and at home. Our aim is to teach your employees how to manage stress, anxiety and the pressures of everyday life. We can work alongside your HR and OC teams to help you manage your employees’ mental wellbeing, so they can stay healthy, focused and productive. Investing into your people’s mental health will lead to an increased level of loyalty, as well as consistent levels of performance.


Are you looking to develop a more robust and resilient workforce? Do you want to improve team performance? Do you need to strengthen the dynamic of a team or a department? We offer various mental wellbeing workshops designed for corporate organisations and businesses. These sessions include a variety of targeted, in-depth discussions and invaluable exercises. People can work in pairs or groups to encourage teamwork.

Our team-building workshops differ from the usual activities offered to organisations. We deliver specialised team building sessions that educate staff on the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and how these affect every aspects of our lives. Designed with fun and laughter at the very heart of these sessions, our workshops focus on a more light-hearted side of mental health issues.

Your team will leave our team-building sessions feeling refreshed, invigorated, and most importantly of all, empowered to approach life with a more positive outlook. Below is a sample of the types of workshops we can provide:


Horrible Bosses

Aimed at developing better working relationships, this workshop focuses on the impact of rivalry struggles in the workplace. Managers will gain better insights into potential problems and how to address these.


The Matrix

Run by a renowned author, psychic, life coach and hypnotist. This fun, jaw-dropping session is one of our most sought-after courses, as the sole focus is on hypnosis. Your team will discover the power of the mind and how to apply self-hypnosis to change bad habits and improve aspects of their lives, at home and within the workplace.


Eat, Pray, Love

Focused on wellness, this session looks into the workings of the mind, encouraging and educating staff on of meditation, diet, exercise, and fun. A great all-round course combining the best parts of each workshops all rolled into one.



This light-hearted session deals with stress and anxiety, as the chosen name represents how people feel when dealing with these issues. Using evidence-based CBT copying skills and techniques, this workshop encourages open conversations on mental health in the workplace and will provide your team with CBT skills they can use to take control of their own stress and anxiety.


The Pursuit of Happiness

Focused on individual and company goals, this session looks at the elusive emotion of happiness and what truly makes someone happy. Using elements of CBT, hypnosis, and meditation, the workshop will explore how we can achieve our goals, as an individual and a company.

Our workshops are one of a kind and can be delivered across the UK and in select global locations. Aimed at raising awareness and improving mental wellness, our workshops will help your employees to achieve their true potential and work better together. Empower your people by giving them lifelong skills and strategies to help manage their mental wellbeing and reach their potential. Every session will be led by a qualified, registered therapist.

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Have you considered running an exclusive wellness retreat for your company? Do you want to stand out from your competitors by offering an invaluable employee benefit? Would you like to build a happy, healthy and more resilient workforce? Whether on-site or off-site, our therapists can deliver a variety of wellness retreats for your company. Delivered as one-on-one sessions, informative workshops, or as a series of practical activities throughout the day, the aim will be to improve your people’s overall mental wellbeing. Our therapists can deliver motivational talks on a topic of your choice, and sessions can be tailored to your objectives.

Our wellness retreats are focused on building resilience and self-confidence by addressing issues surrounding stress and anxiety. Every activity we deliver is supported by scientifically- based strategies. Our aim will be to give your people the right skills and tools to help them manage the pressures of daily life. We have therapists available in locations worldwide.

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Are you looking to train up a senior staff member to oversee your company’s wellbeing policies? When it comes to looking after your employee’s mental health, it’s vital that you provide the right training to those who are tasked with managing this for your business. We can train your managers to become highly effective at spotting mental health issues within your workplace.

Trainees will be provided with an invaluable toolkit, useful resources, and practical solutions they can apply to any situation as it arises. By training your managers to become more aware of mental health issues, your company will be able to respond quickly, which will help to reduce absenteeism.

Our training programmes include teaching managers how they can keep their teams motivated. We know what it takes to motivate and inspire people on a weekly, daily and monthly basis. If you want a productive and happy workforce, we can help.

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