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Mind Being You

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About Mike Holland & Mind Being You – December 2019

Mike is an experienced professional therapist, trainer and coach with a passion for helping people grow and develop and has a successful record of designing & delivering a wide range of training and development interventions with people at all levels, across numerous professions and in diverse contexts.
Mike is driven to impact clients’ personal and/or business results through growing and sustaining their own individual capability or that of their people.
He is passionate to inspire individual motivation to unlock potential and facilitate personal growth.
He has achieved a wide range of success with clients both at individual and corporate level through his positive mental attitude, flexible approach, tenacity and extensive skillset.
His unique, specialist skills combine well-founded training, development and coaching techniques, project management methodology and change management and strategic thinking models & concepts, with the more esoteric transformational change techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Mindfulness, Clean Language and States of Mind training.
He has a proven track record of working with leaders and their teams to identify the gap, scope the intervention and deliver the required result.
More recently Mike has developed an enhanced reputation as an Executive Coach, a business, life and personal development coach with individual clients from all walks of life seeking personal support, challenge and sustained fulfilment.
In addition to his extensive experience as a leadership coach and leadership skills trainer, Mike is a fully Accredited Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and highly qualified, GHR & NCH registered Hypnotherapist Clinical Hypnotherapist & Accredited & Registered NCH Hypnotherapy Supervisor, Advanced Practitioner of EFT, Clean Language Trainer & Coach.
More recently, Mike also qualified as a Mindfulness Teacher & Coach.

In addition, Mike is also a fully qualified and registered Hypnotension Practitioner.
The Hypnotension Programme uses proven cognitive and Hypnotherapy techniques combined with behavioural coaching to tackle the most common lifestyle factors which cause high blood pressure.

Mike is  a dedicated, innovative and creative therapist, trainer, coach and business consultant and has over 24 years’ experience of training, developing and facilitating transformational change in people at all levels.

Wherever possible, Mike pushes the boundaries of his practice by exploring new techniques & modalities and by  working with other therapists and their modalities to experiment and explore collaborative practices.
In particular, he has achieved notable success through working closely with an Acupuncturist colleague to treat a client who had been suffering with debilitating chronic, & acute pain for several years following several unsuccessful Gastric Band Bypass surgeries.
Using a blend of Hypnotherapy & Acupuncture during recorded sessions with the client, Mike & his colleague  were able to help them to reduce the pain levels they had been experiencing significantly and for a prolonged period of time following the sessions.

Mike’s driving passion and one of his core values is helping people to connect with their true potential in order to help them make the transformational changes they want in their lives.
His approach when working with clients, whether individual or corporate, is a simple one that supports and sustains all of the change work he does.
He believes that every change or development process must be ‘client centred’ and that the therapeutic or change journey of the therapist or trainer and the client must have this principle at its core if it is to achieve lasting, sustainable success and the results that the client expects and deserves.

After having spent 20 years working in developing, growing and nurturing people and their potential in a global international blue chip company, in 2010, Mike established Mind Being You a ‘people focused’ therapy, coaching, training & business consulting practice that offers Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, fully accredited NLP & Hypnotherapy Training and executive coaching and business consulting in East Cheshire and across the UK.

Specialist Skills & Areas of Expertise
• Addictions
• Depression
• Limiting or disabling habits or behaviour
• Phobias
• Allergies
• Digestive Problems & Eating Problems
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Relationship Issues
• Alcohol & Drug Abuse
• Dyslexia
• Insomnia
• Sexual Issues
• Anger Management
• Low Self Confidence & Low Self Esteem
• Smoking Cessation
• Anxiety
• Panic Attacks
• Stress Management
• Exam Nerves
• Sports Performance
• Bereavement
• Fear of Flying
• Nail Biting
• Blushing
• Fear of Public Speaking
• Obsessions & Compulsions
• Stuttering
• Managing Long Term Pain
• Grief
• Weight Management

Corporate & Business
• Change Programmes – Design, Engagement & Implementation
o Business or Strategic/Process or System Need/Competitor Advantage or Response
• Organisational Design (OD) – Design, Engagement & Implementation. Often an enabler of a Change Programme
• Visioning & Strategy – Design, Engagement & Implementation
• Culture Change – Design, Engagement & Implementation
• Executive (Board), Senior Management Coaching & Mentoring
• Leadership Development
• Management Skills Development
• Team Building & Development
• Talent Recognition & Development & Succession Planning

What’s Important to Mike
• Remaining true to his values and beliefs and sharing these with clients, both 1-1 and corporate.
• Having the flexibility & resilience to work in environments or situations when his values or beliefs are compromised or threatened – to seek and share common ground.
• To keep the ‘client’ at the heart of everything he does & challenge himself to stay true to this principle.
• To have the honesty & courage to recognise when it is appropriate to dis-engage or terminate the client relationship & be honest in communicating this to the client.
• Consistently offer & seek feedback.
• To utilise every opportunity to learn and grow as a human being & to recognise when ‘his way or view’ is not always the best.

Additional Details

  • Michael John Holland
  • Association for NLP (ANLP)
  • Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Trainer Member
  • MNCH (Acc.), HPD, NCH Supervisor
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD), Accredited Trainer of Hypnotherapy & Registered Hypnotherapy Supervisor
  • National Council for Hypnotherapy
  • 7289