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Natasha Carlton-Dewhirst Therapy & Coaching Claimed

Therapy & Coaching for Time Poor People

REWIRE with a multi award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy™ 28-day Experience.

Remove the barriers that are blocking you and create the life you desire.

This 28 day experience provides therapy for time poor people who want to remove disempowering beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours and negative automatic thoughts that are showing up and blocking them in their life and work.

I use RTT as it reduces the need for months or years of conventional therapy.  Ensuring in 1-3 sessions you can be free from disempowering beliefs, phobias, bad habits, emotional or physical pain and without this old mental programming see new possibilities that creates a lifestyle that is healthier, happier, less stressed and free from the issue. Meaning my clients no longer have to wait months or years to find the answers that are already within.

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