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Raewyn Guerrero, Well Works

I use the DRESS (Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management and Supplements) for Health Success Protocol to address Anxiety, Eczema, IBS, Insomnia and Work Stress

I help you get to the root cause of your anxiety, burn-out, IBS, insomnia, stress, or smoking addiction through a combination of techniques including CBT, hypnosis and nutrition, so that you can be happier, healthier and free to live your potential. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world either, as I offer online sessions, online booking, and online billing, making therapy and coaching more accessible than ever!
I’ve been a practising CBT Hypnotherapist for 10 years, and Functional Medicine (Nutrition and Lifestyle) Coach since 2016. My Functional Medicine coaching is heavily rooted in positive psychology, so rather than talking about what’s wrong with you, we look at your strengths, and how you’ve used them in the past to face challenges.
Prior to being a therapist full-time, I led a Corporate Wellbeing program for 6 years at a multinational bank, so am well-acquainted with the stresses of juggling a hectic city life, from both a personal, as well as professional perspective. My mission is to get you from surviving to thriving using natural methods to nourish your body and your brain.

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  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
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  • Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapist
  • BSc Psychology, Dip.CBH
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